Gummy Smile Therapy

Gummy Smile Therapy in Cape Coral, FL - Modern Dental Cape CoralGummy smiles can occur for several reasons, but they are most commonly caused by excessive gum tissue, short teeth or even a short upper lip.  Most causes of a gummy smile are genetic in nature, although some are contributed to dental tooth wear.

The most common procedure is simple contouring of overgrown gums, but there are many times this is not enough to achieve a predictable and long lasting esthetic result.  Because of his extensive training and experience, Modern Dental Cape Coral in Cape Coral, FL are able to choose the perfect combination of surgical and restorative techniques for ideal results based on your treatment needs and goals. Many practitioners can only perform one type of gummy smile correction or lack the experience and or patience to merge procedures effectively. For example, we see many plastic surgeons may try to cover the gummy smile through lip repositioning or even injections. It is well established these results are temporary. As your body heals, you may find yourself relapsing after only one or two years, which means you have to start the entire process again.

We also find dentists use porcelain veneers or crowns on your teeth to help improve the gum to tooth ratio before referring you to a Periodontist to carry out the gum recontouring. This usually leads to an inefficient process with unpredictable results and unhappy patients. Furthermore, the use of porcelain veneers or crowns is considerably more expensive than a simple gum recontouring. It can also leave you with unnecessary alterations to your teeth that need to be touched up every few years. This can make your lifetime of treatment very costly, especially if only a simple gum trimming was necessary.

Don’t let someone hassle or pressure you into a major cosmetic and medical decision, especially if you are uncomfortable with the cost. These procedures always need to be planned in great detail upfront.  Everyone must be aware of the final outcome expected for your treatment and every step must have the final outcome in mind.  If you feel pressured into any fast and quick treatment, always get the second opinion.

What Happens During Gummy Smile Correction?

After all preparations have been made, the procedure is usually accomplished in a gentle and single out-patient visit. Most patients are able to return to normal activities the very next day.  Afterwards, you will return for a follow-up to make sure your gums are healing properly and that there are no complications.

For many patients, a gum recontouring is all that is required for stunning results. This procedure removes the excess gum tissue that cover the teeth creating a short or “peg” look. By refining the gum line, the underlying teeth are revealed. Following the surgery and a few days of healing, the patient’s new smile is ready to be enjoyed. Some patients with awkwardly placed or misshapen teeth may require an additional procedure which reshapes the tooth to appear more ‘normal’ and smooths out irregularities.

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Having a beautiful smile to match your other features is important. Don’t let your gummy smile hold you back from enjoying the smile you have always dreamed of. Contact Dr. Gregory A. Pette today in our Cape Coral, FL office to schedule a smile consultation.

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