All-On-4 Dental Implants

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All-On-4 Dental Implants Cape Coral, FL - Modern Dental Cape CoralThe All-On-4® rehabilitation is regarded as the most economical option for stable dental implant treatment with exquisite esthetic results.  If you have multiple broken, worn or missing teeth, this type of treatment may be an option for you to replace these teeth and restore your smile.  This protocol uses a prosthesis which is strategically supported by four dental implants that are positioned for maximum stability.


The All-On-4® dental implant procedure is not new. Using four implants to support permanent teeth was documented for the first time in 1977.  The success rate for prostheses built upon four implants in each arch is the same as the success rate for cases requiring more anchorage.  Drs. Gregory A. Pette uses state of the art technology to perfect each individual patient’s needs.


The All-On-4® system allows a patient to choose from a wide variety of approaches to the fabrication of their new smile.  The final prosthesis can be made in various grades of laboratory materials from acrylic to fine porcelain, always with the same attention to esthetic detail, but allowing for the financial investment to suit the patient’s comfort zone.  The beauty of this system is that it is upgradeable.  Additional implants can be added later and/or the prostheses itself can be fabricated with a higher grade of materials at the patient’s convenience.


There is no question that permanent teeth add comfort, confidence, vigor and vitality to the quality of life.  Dental implants using the All-On-4® treatment protocol are unequivocally the best alternative to limping through life with dentures.  Besides the priceless psychological benefits of natural looking teeth, a fixed smile eliminates lifelong visits for the relining of removable dentures as the gum and bone tissue perpetually recedes.  It also eliminates the need for an ongoing supply of adhesive products.


Unmatched laboratory technology allows us to create each new smile with extraordinary sensitivity, customization and detail.  Dr. Gregory A. Pette, DMD in Cape Coral, FL along with his Restorative Specialist and their skilled laboratory technicians take pride in their ability to build smiles distinctively suited to each face and personality.  This premium level of esthetic care is part of every treatment.


Dr. Pette is keenly aware of the level of anxiety their patients may have.  The surgical procedure for the All-On-4® protocol is minimally invasive and can almost always be accomplished simply using local anesthesia.  This will allow for a comfortable experience while Dr. Pette gently completes your treatment.  Our experienced team of professionals will provide comprehensive and customized pre-op and post-op information to ensure that each patient has the most comfortable experience possible. Recovery time is brief and gratification is instant.  The new smile is placed upon the implants immediately following the surgical procedure.

For more anxious patients, Dr. Gregory A. Pette does offer IV conscious sedation.

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With advances in modern dental implant therapy, we are able to help many more people today than just in the recent past.  Some patients who were told they are not candidates for implants due to lack of bone are many times able to be candidates with our technology today. Contact our doctors today in our Cape Coral, FL office to schedule a smile consultation.

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