Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting and Ridge Augmentation in Cape Coral

Bone Grafting in Cape Coral, FL - Modern Dental Cape CoralAfter tooth loss, the bone surrounding the root is no longer stimulated and without direct stimulation, it will begin to resorb. It is true that some bone will fill the socket, but the overall result is a net loss of jawbone in the area.  The same problem exists with patients who have suffered with bone loss from gum disease.  When teeth have been missing for some time, or the bone has been damaged from gum disease, the jaw may be too resorbed to place implants in an ideal and esthetic location. Many times we find the jaw to be too narrow or there may not be adequate bone height to place implants. At our Cape Coral, FL office, will take advanced images of your jaw to be able to see exact dimensions of your remaining bone.  If you are lacking enough bone to be a candidate for implant placement, there are several options to rebuild the missing bone.

Simple and predictable techniques are available to regrow lost bone without using bone harvested from your own body. Guided Bone Regeneration can be used to repair bone defects. Dr. Gregory A. Pette will use a calcium bone scaffold, then cover it with a barrier membrane.  This membrane will protect the graft as well as keep the gums from growing into it during healing.  This creates an environment in which the body will begin to grow bone and over time, the calcium scaffold will be resorbed and replaced by your own living bone.  Over time, this method has become very predictable and requires very little down time.

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With advances in modern dental implant therapy, we are able to help many more people today than just in the recent past.  Some patients who were told they are not candidates for implants due to lack of bone are many times able to be candidates with our technology today. Contact our doctors in Cape Coral, FL today to schedule a smile consultation.

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