Crown Lengthening

Crown Lengthening and Biologic Shaping

Crown Lengthening in Cape Coral, FL - Modern Dental Cape CoralCrown lengthening, also known as crown exposure, is a common procedure performed by Dr. Gregory A. Pette in our Cape Coral, FL office when there is not enough exposed tooth structure to place a sound and long-lasting restoration on your tooth. Crown lengthening and or biologic shaping is often performed after a crown or filling is removed and the tooth underneath is significantly decayed. Once the decay is removed, the tooth structure left after removing the cavity will require your dentist to place the restoration well under the gum line, in between molar roots, or into concavities.  If nothing is done to correct this problem, the final restoration will be compromised the very minute it is placed which will almost guarantee the need for pre-mature replacement.

The Crown Lengthening Procedure

The crown lengthening procedure is gently performed by Dr. Gregory A. Pette under local anesthesia to minimize any discomfort, and takes about an hour to perform, although the time period may vary depending on the number of teeth being treated.

Biologic Shaping

Biologic shaping is usually the integral part of the crown lengthening procedure.  It is simply smoothing out concavities or irregularities on the tooth surface.  Without simple and gentle corrective treatment, the gums around the restoration is susceptible to bleeding, painful and puffy.  When restorations are placed in these concavities or imperfections, there is very little chance it will be sealed correctly and effectively.  We often see patients with the all too often complaint “something has always been wrong with this crown” or “the gums have bled in this area ever since I got this crown”.  These are tell-tell signs the restoration is likely very far under the gum line or into a food trap concavity.

The procedure is gently completed with Dr. Gregory A. Pette after our Restorative Specialist has removed the old restoration and placed you into a temporary tooth.  This will give us the best access to fully and completely treat the area.  The main goal of the procedure is to smooth over contoured areas and remove concavities.  If the gums are thin, it is very easy and predictable to augment the gums at the same time.  We would like to see all restorations have a finish line above the gums – this will allow you to be able to easily clean and maintain the area as well as to aid in setting you up for dental success.

Recovery after Crown Lengthening

These procedures usually lasts about an hour and are most often combined.  Most patients are able to return to normal activities the very next day, although you will want to discuss your individual needs with Dr. Pette.  Many patients will bring headphones so they may be able to listen to their own music in a comfortable relaxing environment.

Patients are seen for follow up visits in our Cape Coral, FL office 1 to 2 weeks after the procedure. At this point healing process will be evaluated. Depending on your particular needs, the crown or filling will be completed approximately 6-16 weeks after the lengthening procedure.

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