Our Cape Coral Dental Office

Upon entering Modern Dental Cape Coral, you will feel a sense of ease right away. Greeted by our very friendly, personable staff whom are ready to make your dental experience exceptional.  Our dentists are compassionate and knowledgeable professionals who truly care about not only your oral health but your entire well-being.

Even if you are fearful to come see the dentist because you have not gone in years and are worried about the state of your teeth, come and see us. We will provide you with a very thorough examination, listen to your concerns, and answer all questions you may have. We will explain your options to restore, take care of and preserve your teeth for life, one step at a time.

Comprehensive New Patient Evaluation

To begin your exam, an in-depth medical review is completed, as your health history can play a role in the current state and health of your teeth and gums. Then we will take full-mouth digital X-ray and intraoral camera photographs, which are projected on a screen so you can see as we explain our findings.

We will then complete periodontal and dental exams. Depending on your individual needs a 3D mockup of your smile may be created so you can visually see how your customized treatment plan can improve and restore your smile. Our goal is to provide you with a customized plan to not only give you a healthy mouth, but a radiant smile.

Periodontal (Gum) Exam

The health of your gums is a vital component of the health of your teeth. With our state-of-the-art periodontal exam we will determine the condition of your gums and how much, if any, periodontal care is required to treat gum disease and preserve your teeth.

TMJ and Oral Cancer Checks

The doctors do a thorough visual exam, including a check for oral cancer and other issues.

The doctors will utilize your images from the X-rays, their visual and tactile exam to analyze your teeth and bite to see if there are abnormalities in your occlusion (bite) or damage occurring due to issues with your TMJ (jaw joint).

Smile Evaluation

While the health of your teeth and gums may be your primary reason for visiting our office, we want you to feel confident to smile with beautiful looking teeth. We will provide you with a smile evaluation where you will be able to describe what you would love to improve about your smile. Whether it may be whiter teeth, fix a crooked or chipped tooth, even replacing a missing tooth. We strive to provide you with an outstanding, vibrant smile.


Our doctors and staff will review the findings from your comprehensive exam and imaging with you, so you understand where faults and damages are occurring. We will describe how the problematic areas of your mouth are impacting your total oral health. We will fully explain your individual treatment options, and how they will correct the problem at hand. We will answer any questions or concerns you may have about your treatment plan, so you have a full understanding of your oral health care and can make educated decisions.

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With advances in modern dentistry, we are able to help many more people today than just in the recent past.  Contact our doctors today in our Cape Coral, FL office to schedule a smile consultation and take advantage of our $59 New Patient Special.

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