Botox Treatments

Dental Botox in Our Cape Coral Office

A woman looking in the mirror and smiling after her Botox treatment.Cape Coral dentist Dr. Lucas Eliopoulos offers comprehensive facial BOTOX® treatments starting at $15 per unit. BOTOX® can help facilitate cosmetic rejuvenation by smoothening facial wrinkles along the forehead and around the eyes. Within about 5 – 7 days, the facial skin will look smoother and softer, and a significant decrease in lines and wrinkles will be noticeable. On average, the results from a BOTOX® injection last up to about four months. For patients receiving a cosmetic dental procedure or a smile makeover, this added procedure would complement the outcome beautifully.

Dr. Eliopoulos also provides BOTOX® injections for therapeutic solutions, such as treating symptoms of teeth grinding (bruxism), TMJ, and chronic headaches. When BOTOX® is applied to the jaw or face, it can relax the muscles in order to prevent teeth grinding, jaw clenching, and painful migraines.

Learn more about BOTOX® for therapeutic and cosmetic concerns by contacting our office today at (239) 610-6200 to schedule your initial consultation.

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